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Fuqua Insurance Group is committed to providing you the best customer service to meet your insurance needs in Kansas. Checking on a claim? Have you been in an accident? We're here to help!


For Farm & Ranch

The family farms of our grandparents’ generation have evolved into diverse businesses that face many challenges and risks. Be that as it may, for most of you, the farm is where you work, but it’s also where you and your family live. That’s all the more reason for your insurance coverage to be ahead of the curve. 

We have great respect for the farmer and rancher heritage of Kansas. We consider it an honor to work with you to protect what’s been built, both for today and for generations to come. We work hard to anticipate what the future might hold for our farm and ranch clients, and we take an innovative approach to protecting them through customized and comprehensive insurance coverage. We protect Kansas farms and ranches in just the right way. 

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